YouTube opens new flank in fight against TikTok – Shorts coming to Android TVs soon

YouTube is doubling down on YouTube Shorts, its own answer to TikTok and Instagram Reels. The short, snappy videos, usually around a minute or less, serve as a quick and easy opportunity to capture the attention of, well, the least attention generation who operate like they don’t have time to spare.

And YouTube Shorts has been growing in popularity, and now Google, which owns the video platform, is ready to make it available on Android-based smart TVs.

YouTube Shorts, which is said to have 30 billion daily views, is still lagging behind TikTok, which despite being banned in major markets like India, remains at the top of the charts for short-form video content. So it makes sense that YouTube would open up a new flank in its fight against TikTok.

(Image credit: YouTube)

YouTube may also introduce “Mosaic Mode”

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