What does the launch of 5G mean for Indian consumers?

As the launch of 5G is imminent, there is widespread anticipation about what this actually entails. Telecoms solutions provider Ericsson conducted a study, which reportedly reflects “the views of 300 million daily smartphone users in urban India”, and says that more than 100 million users with 5G-ready smartphones want to upgrade to a 5G subscription. in 2023, while more than half of them are open to upgrading to a higher data tier plan in the next 12 months. In the last two years, India has witnessed a threefold increase in the number of smartphone users who own a 5G handset.

The study report, titled ‘Promise of 5G’ in India, carried out by Ericsson ConsumerLab, said that the intention to upgrade to 5G in urban India is twice as high as in markets such as the UK and US, where 5G has already been released.

Video streaming and gaming industry set for better times

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The study said 5G network superiority could emerge as a consumer loyalty factor, with 59% of smartphone users aiming to upgrade to 5G within the first 12 months. Among those planning to upgrade to 5G, 36% plan to turn to the best 5G network provider when it becomes available. He said 60% of early adopters who already own a 5G-capable phone expect 5G to bring innovative new apps, which are considered more attractive than better coverage. These users are willing to pay a 45% premium for the plan combined with an innovative experience as long as their expectations are met, Ericsson added.

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