Troubleshooting Boat Audio Products Just Got Easy – Here’s How

Portable audio device brand Boat has become the first in India to launch a companion app for all listeners under its audio belt. The new in-house developed ‘Boat Hearables App’ comes with features including self-diagnosis mode which makes troubleshooting easier. It helps to solve problems related to bluetooth connectivity, MIC status, speaker status and battery health on the device with just one click.

In addition, the app also provides an easy way to customize Audible button function settings and download software updates over the air, the company said.

How to get the new Boat app and what future updates are in store

(Image credit: Boat)

Sameer Mehta – co-founder and product director at Boat said: “This is the first time an Indian audio brand is launching a companion app for all audibles under their audio belt. The self-diagnosis mode is an industry first and instantly solve problems with the touch of a button. We want to bring and add exciting and exciting features in the coming months.”

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