The Best Budget Cooling Mattress Is Even Cheaper With This Black Friday Deal

If you find traditional memory foam mattresses a little warm, the Cocoon Mattress by Sealy Chill (opens in new tab) it’s an excellent cooling option that won’t cost as much as other cooling mattresses. In our roundup of the best cooling mattresses, we found them to be the best budget option, particularly for back sleepers, and the good news is, with Black Friday mattress deals, you can get them for 35% off. discount, with a pillow and sheet package worth $149 thrown in.

The even better news, however, is that you can also get another $25 off, which is a small but valuable additional discount. Just use the code EXTRA25 at checkout and you will get $25 deducted. It’s applicable across the entire Cocoon by Sealy range, but if price is your priority, you’ll definitely want to opt for the Chill. We’ve found the Cocoon by Sealy Chill memory foam mattress to be the answer to the prayers of hot sleepers but don’t want to spend a fortune on a cooling mattress; it is extremely comfortable, especially for sleepers who suffer from back pain, with excellent movement isolation. We note, however, that it’s not as good an option for side sleepers, who are less likely to feel its cooling benefits.

In addition to the Chill mattress, there is a more luxurious option available from Cocoon by Sealy, in the form of the Hybrid Chill (opens in new tab): A deeper mattress with a combination of foam and springs for extra bounce, as well as added edge support. If you’re a side sleeper, this is definitely the best option, and again, it’s available today at 35% off, which brings the price of a Queen down to $1,099 from $1,699 with a $1,000 pillow and sheet pack. 149 included (and don’t forget that extra $25 off with EXTRA25 code).

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