Severance season 2: everything we know so far

key information

– No release date announced yet
– Filming begins in October 2022; should end in May 2023
– The main cast must return
– Likely storyline to pick up shortly after season 1 finale
– No word on whether a third season will be greenlit

Severance Season 2 is set to continue the Lumon Industries story on Apple TV Plus soon. The next entry in the sci-fi thriller series will unravel more existential mysteries at play and the controversial medical procedure that leaves employees unable to remember their life outside the office walls. Unsurprisingly, given how good the first season was, we can’t wait to see what’s to come in its second year.

Season 2 is set to continue from one of the best season 1 cliffhangers in recent memory. Severance is a series that masterfully unites complex and conflicting characters in dark office satire. It’s a series that has grown in scope and ambition with each creepy episode – like the endless hallways of Lumon’s office, always longer, darker, and more unnerving than you’d expect.

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