The best MacBook Air accessories

Do yourself a favor, and invest in one of the best MacBook Air accessories. While it’s true that not everyone needs the extra peripherals, many MacBook Air users will benefit significantly from adding some to their arsenal. 

MacBook accessories can considerably improve a user’s experience, not just in obvious ways. Photographers and editors, for example, will have a more seamless workflow with one of the best mice instead of just relying on the laptop’s trackpad. Meanwhile, professionals who spend most of their workday typing away on the keyboard can have better workstation ergonomics with just a separate keyboard and a laptop mount. 

Verizon’s Best iPhone Deal Today Isn’t the iPhone 13 – It’s the iPhone 12

Want to know what the best discreet deal on the entire Verizon site is right now? In our humble opinion, it’s not on the newer iPhone 13, but on the slightly older (but still good) iPhone 12.

The carrier is currently donating this device (which is still valued at $699) for free with a new line on an unlimited data plan (opens in new tab) – an absolutely amazing business that benefits from a low barrier to entry.

Why do we say this? Well, most of Verizon’s best deals (opens in new tab) at any point in the year usually revolve around trading an old device. Now, for example, you can save $800 on iPhone 13 (opens in new tab), Galaxy S22 and even the Google Pixel 6 Pro, but only delivering that old device. It’s great to recycle, of course, but some people just don’t have an old device that can fetch that value in a trade.

That’s where this ‘free’ iPhone 12 deal at Verizon comes in – you’ll skip device payments without the need for an annoying switch, as long as you’re choosing one on an eligible unlimited plan. These can be quite pricey in themselves (about $45 to $90 a month over 36 months), but it will save you $699 on device payments.

Note that this Verizon deal on the iPhone 12 is likely to stick through the weekend, but it looks like one of the carrier’s most popular options right now. The device itself is on hold until the end of June at the moment, so we recommend ordering sooner rather than later if you want faster delivery.

Outside the US? Check out the best iPhone deals (opens in new tab) in your region below.

Free Apple iPhone 12 Offer on Verizon

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Ikea Launches Turntable Collaboration With Swedish House Mafia, And We Like It

Ikea is ready to join the vinyl renaissance. The flat furniture maker has just released a new turntable as part of a collaboration with electronic music stars Swedish House Mafia.

Unveiled at Milan Design Week 2022, the turntable is part of a new collection called OBEGRÄNSAD, which also includes a music production table and armchair, with all three products sharing a sleek black aesthetic.

There are few technical details so far available for the turntable, so it’s hard to say whether it will challenge the best turntables, but from the promotional photos released so far of the striking minimalistic box design, it seems far removed from the flimsy excuses for decks you’d like to see. tends to associate with a conventional retailer.

The neck of the Ikea OBEGRÄNSAD turntable looks promising (Image credit: Ikea)

While not mentioned in Ikea’s press release, attentive readers may have noticed the Audio-Technica logo on the pen, which suggests this deck might be a contender.

One of Windows 11’s Best New Features Is Almost Here

Microsoft has started rolling out a highly anticipated new feature for Windows 11 that should simplify file and folder navigation.

In the latest preview version of Windows 11 (25136) – now available to members of the early access program – Microsoft has introduced a new tab system in File Explorer, similar to those found in web browsers.

New Ryzen APUs Coming to Thin and Light Gaming Laptops in 2023

Hold your hats, players. AMD’s massive new hardware roadmap was released on the company’s Financial Analyst Day, with CEO Lisa Su unveiling a range of upcoming hardware for commercial and consumer purposes.

Buried among the advertisements of Zen 5 CPUs and details about RDNA 3 Find a detailed paragraph detailing AMD’s planned release of new Ryzen ‘Phoenix Point’ and ‘Strix Point’ APUs for thin and light gaming laptops, starting in 2023.

Daddy’s house: The Boys season 4 confirmed by Prime Video

It’s official: The Boys season 4 is in the works after Amazon Studios renewed its hit superhero series for a fourth season.

Announced in a press release on June 10, Amazon confirmed that the R-rated Prime Video show would return for another installment. The announcement comes a week after The Boys season three began airing on Amazon’s streaming platform; the series had a 17% increase in its worldwide viewership from season 2 to season 3. Since the Prime Video series originally debuted in 2019, there has also been a massive 234% jump in people tuning in to the show, which is a live-action adaptation of Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s beloved graphic novel series.

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This strange ransomware can only be decrypted by going to the Roblox store

If you thought ransomware forcing people to do good deeds was bizarre – wait until you hear about WannaFriendMe. To get the decryptor for this newly discovered ransomware (opens in new tab) tension, victims need to buy a game pass from the Roblox Game Pass store.

Roblox is a gaming platform where users can build and play games. Game creators can monetize their creations by requiring game passes before playing. These passes can be purchased with the platform’s native currency, Robux.

This Google Chrome Update May End Annoying Pop-ups Forever

The era of being bombarded with annoying pop-up notifications and alerts on your browser could be over soon, thanks to a new Google Chrome update.

The company has revealed how it’s making Chrome “a more useful browser” using machine learning tools running on the software that can turn off pop-ups before the user knows it.

Meta wants your Portal devices to leave your home and enter your office

Meta revealed that he will no longer sell his troubled Portal (opens in new tab) video devices for consumers and is focusing on enterprise customers instead.

a report of The information revealed that the devices, first launched in 2018 as part of an effort to expand the Facebook parent company’s hardware portfolio, will now focus on corporate use cases such as video conferencing.

macOS 13 Introduces a Super Useful Trick for Linux Users

Apple has introduced an interesting change with macOS 13 Ventura in terms of better Linux support, giving new powers to those running a Linux distribution in a virtual machine (VM) on a Mac with Apple silicon, allowing those users to run x86 software. on that VM.

As The register (opens in new tab) reports, this capability comes courtesy of Rosetta 2, which is Apple’s translation technology originally introduced with the M1, allowing this chip to run x86 applications.