Best waterproof headphones 2022 |

Editor’s Note: November 2022

There are many other waterproof headphones out there, and we’re currently working on getting them tested and reviewed to give you more options especially during the holidays.

Models like the Mifo O5 Plus Gen 2 Touch and the Cre8 Sounds are currently in the running to be added to this list, and we’ll add them as soon as we’ve put them through their paces.

In the meantime, there’s already quite a few excellent options here for you to choose from.

Michelle Rae Uy, Buying Guides Editor

Soundtrack your swims with the best waterproof headphones. Whether you’re just a casual enthusiast or you’re training for a big triathlon, having a pair of headphones so you can listen to music is key to either motivating you or shutting the rest of the world away and center you.

Unfortunately, even the best headphones out there aren’t really waterproof. Most workout headphones and running headphones have some level of water-resistance so they don’t fail you at the first drop of sweat, but there aren’t a lot that offer full waterproofing. That means they only have enough water resistance to fend off sweat and rain, not complete and extended submersion in a pool.

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