Nvidia RTX 4090 GPU Could Be More Troublesome for AMD Than We Thought

Nvidia’s RTX 4090 could be even faster than we anticipated, at least if a new rumor is true – and we also hear more about why Nvidia’s release plans may have changed recently (again, going down the GPU vine, so keep cautious around all this information).

The news surrounding the potential performance of Nvidia’s Lovelace flagship graphics card comes from the well-known hardware leaker ‘kopite7kimi’, who believes that the RTX 4090’s final load could be 16,384 CUDA cores instead of 16,128 as previously believed. That would represent 2 extra streaming multiprocessors for a total of 128.

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One of the best Apple TV Plus shows is free to stream now – but not for long

We could all use a freebie right now, and Apple saw fit to make one of their best TV series partially available to stream without an Apple TV Plus subscription for a limited time.

To coincide with the release of the highly anticipated third season of For All Mankind, Apple has reduced the paywall on the first season of its acclaimed space drama by an indefinite period. Just log into Apple TV Plus and click the “Play Free Episode” button to start streaming the show’s 10-part premiere season.

Get a 256GB Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus for just $799 today on Amazon

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus was already at the cheapest price ever on Amazon this week after dropping to $799. Today, that deal is now even better, as the retailer has an updated 256GB model for the same price (opens in new tab).

Yes, that’s a total savings of $250 – and you get an expanded storage version for the same price as the base 128GB variant. If you’re on the hunt for an Android flagship, know that this is easily the best deal so far on the middle child of the latest Galaxy S22 series.

Perhaps it’s this middle-child status that means the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus is often overlooked compared to its siblings. It’s essentially an upgraded version of the standard Galaxy S22, with the same chip and camera, but at a higher price. Is the upcharge worth it? In our eyes – definitely, if you like a bigger screen.

Having a larger 6.6-inch screen versus the 6.1 on the standard S22 gives the Plus a real edge if you’re the type who’s constantly streaming on your device. It’s obviously a less palm-friendly device, but a super-fast Snapdragon processor, 120Hz refresh rate, and expanded battery life mean the Galaxy S22 Plus is out there with the best phones you can buy right now. Getting a 256GB model for this price is also an absolute bargain in our eyes, as you’ll have plenty of space to store high-res files, apps, and videos if you’re a keen mobile videographer.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus Offer on Amazon

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Cocoon is a charming new sci-fi puzzler from the designer of Limbo

Cocoon, a new sci-fi puzzler from the designer behind Limbo and Inside, has made its debut on Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase – and we’re already intrigued.

In development at indie studio Geometric Interactive, and published by Annapurna Interactive, the world premiere trailer for Cocoon showed the winged protagonist emerging from a metallic cocoon before racing around a futuristic map placing glowing orbs on censors and using other orbs to grab hold of. up and to objects. Check out the trailer below:

Season 7 of Seas of Thieves is revealed in the most captivating favela we’ve heard in a long time

Season 7 of Sea of ​​Thieves was announced in a hut for the toughest sea dog, revealing an abundance of new features coming to the multiplayer pirate game.

Shown during the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase, Sea of ​​Thieves Season 7 will release several new customization options as it allows you to become a bona fide captain of your own ship. This will unlock several new features, including the option to customize your cabin, rename your vessel, and save ship shipments.

Hideo Kojima appears at Xbox Bethesda Showcase to announce his new project

It’s official. Xbox Game Studios is partnering with Kojima Productions for the developer’s next big game.

Featured by Xbox Head Phil Spencer at the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase, Game Director Hideo Kojima delivered a remarkably short video, pretty much just confirming that he and his team will be working with Xbox Game Studios to bring their next project to the Xbox Series. X and Xbox Series S.

Microsoft Flight Simulator to get a 40th Anniversary Extended Edition

Microsoft is celebrating the 40th anniversary of Microsoft Flight Simulator, the company’s longest-running game franchise, with the release of an expanded edition of the game.

This new edition introduces helicopters, gliders and a bunch of classic aircraft to the game. The world premiere trailer announcing the new edition showcases the return of aircraft from previous Microsoft Flight Simulator games, including the Spirit of Saint Louis monoplane, the Emerald Harbor Air commercial aircraft, the NR77V race plane, and more. All of them will be available in this new Anniversary Edition of the game.

Team Ninja’s Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Coming to Game Pass on Launch Day

Team Ninja’s latest title, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, was announced at Microsoft’s Bethesda press conference today.

Team Ninja, the developer behind the Nioh series and Ninja Gaiden, has a new franchise and seems to be drawing strong influences from their previous work.

A beloved PlayStation RPG series is finally coming to Xbox

The beloved and slightly bizarre Persona series is heading to Xbox for the first time, as three of its RPGs cross over to Microsoft’s platform.

Revealed during the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase, Persona 5 Royal, Persona 4 Golden, and Person 3 Portable will launch on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC on October 21 later this year. While all three games have previously been released on PlayStation consoles, this is the first time the Persona series will hit Xbox territory.

Nvidia’s budget GPU can be delayed – and RTX 4000 graphics cards can be too

Nvidia’s alleged GTX 1630 graphics card has been delayed yet again according to the rumor, and its incoming RTX 4000 GPUs may also have dropped in terms of release time.

The first rumors pointed to the GTX 1630’s launch in early June, before we learned that the budget GPU had supposedly been pushed back to June 15th, meaning it was supposed to come out early next week – but apparently that’s not anymore. the case.