Amazon Launches Live Blog: Alexa, Ring, Echo, Fire and More Gadgets Coming Soon


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One we probably won’t see much of today is Echo Show devices. The Amazon Echo Show 5 and Echo Show 8 were updated last year, as was the Echo Show 10 with the cool swivel screen, and Amazon introduced the frame-sized Echo Show 15.

It’s entirely possible that Amazon has a minor update in the works, or a new Echo Show size and shape, but overall we don’t expect much: it looks like the world is already doing well for the Echo Shows, doesn’t it?

A fun surprise might be the return of the Echo Spot – but we certainly wouldn’t put money into it. The Echo Show 5 probably fills that role for most people, and it seems the biggest is usually where the trend is going for the best smart displays.

Amazon Blink Outdoor mounted on a wall

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Don’t forget that Amazon also owns the smart home brand Blink, which tends to focus on simpler, more affordable options when it comes to security settings. Amazon didn’t explicitly mention Blink in the invite to its event the same way it did for Ring, but that doesn’t mean the company won’t make an appearance.

Blink’s last major releases – the Blink Indoor camera and the Blink Outdoor camera – were in late 2020, so they certainly look ripe for an update. These models don’t lack much of modern features, so it’s not like they’re waiting for a lifetime, but two years is normal for smart home products to be updated and modernized.

Maybe Blink is just looking to keep the same kind of specs, but bring the price down – that’s a tempting option right now during a cost-of-living crisis. It’s what Apple has largely done with the Apple Watch SE 2, and we like it.

Amazon Astro home robot

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Hey, remember Astro? Amazon’s little robot that’s like an Echo Show and a security camera in an auto-mobile package? What was announced last year and then suddenly disappeared from the world when reports surfaced that it would “almost certainly jump down a flight of stairs if given the opportunity”, despite Amazon rejecting those claims at the time?

Perhaps we will see her return after a year of very patiently teaching her lovely face the difference between the edge of a door frame and the edge of a staircase. It might even come with a few extra features compared to the original ad, although there’s nothing quite like it on the market yet, so even if it’s totally unchanged, as well as being more sensible, it’ll still stand out.

Ring Up Camera

(Image credit: Ring)

Ring products are, of course, the other big thing we’re sure to see, as Amazon has fixed it on behalf of the event. The last ring video doorbells were released in 2021, so it’s possible that Amazon has an update for us there – although last year the focus really seemed to make them cheaper rather than adding new features, and the company managed to do just that. well with the Wired Video Doorbell ring. But still, it is possible that there is a replacement for Ring Video Doorbell 4.

But Ring has other products as well, and maybe that’s where we’ll see some expansion. The Ring Stick Up Cam (pictured above) was announced in 2019, for example, so maybe we can get some new security camera options. Or maybe a new version or add-on for the Ring Alarm system.

Perhaps we’ll hear more about the Ring Always Home drone camera, which remains invite-only despite being unveiled a year ago.

The Echo Dot sitting at a table next to a bottle of water and a yoga mat.

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Let’s start with Echoes. Amazon hasn’t confirmed any specific devices coming at this event, but based on the fact that it’s an “Alexa and Ring” event, we can probably take a guess and get pretty close.

Echoes seem doubly likely because it’s been two years since they were last updated, at a fall 2020 event. Amazon has released the Echo 4th Gen and Echo Dot 4th Gen together, both of which have a new, more streamlined design. rounded.

This came a year after the Echo 3rd Gen was revealed, so a two-year gap is actually a little longer than expected. While there aren’t a lot of obvious things to fix and improve at this point – we’re certainly expecting better audio quality and some improvements to Alexa itself, but where else will Amazon go?

Sound calibrated to the environment, perhaps? More advanced on-device processing so less stuff needs to go to the cloud? A return to more subtle design? This all seems likely, but Amazon is also good at adding surprises…

Welcome to our September launch event live blog from Amazon!

If you’re reading this when it’s posted, it’s still half a day until the Amazon event starts, so you don’t have to start scrambling to find the live stream link just yet. In fact, at the time of writing this post, one is not yet available online.

But it might be worth telling your speaker ‘Alexa, set an alarm for [whenever the event is in your time zone]’ so you don’t miss out.

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