Samsung HW-Q990B review: the ultimate Dolby Atmos soundbar experience

Samsung HW-Q990B Review: Two-minute Review

The Samsung HW-Q990B continues the company’s recent tradition of giving its flagship soundbar four physical boxes – but until now, Samsung has consistently managed to increase the number of channels squeezed into those four boxes. This year, the total channel count has stuck at 16, just like last year, leaving Samsung to rely on other improvements to keep its soundbar story moving forward.

Happily, the Samsung HW-Q990B’s improvements are all focused on improving the sound quality those 16 channels deliver, making it one of the best soundbars of the year. The subwoofer, for instance, sports a fancy new Acoustic Lens over its hefty 8-inch driver to make bass more smooth and refined, while the rear speakers feature a new angled top and small pedestal stands to deliver purer and better-positioned effects. 

Bluedio Q5 Bluetooth Headset Review

It’s not easy to find a good Bluetooth sports headset. The units end up being too big or have an additional control box hanging down, making the headset feel heavier than it should. If not, then they cost a pretty penny. The Bluedio Q5 doesn’t seem to have any of these issues.

Design and Specifications

For starters, it looks great. The headset itself is a little larger than you’re used to, but the in-ear speaker unit is ergonomically angled to fit comfortably in the ear canal. Rubber cushioning comes in three sizes to fit all ears, and there’s also a set of T-light ear tips designed to keep the headphones from falling out during your workout. However, I didn’t feel the need to add this, as the headset managed to stay in our tests to the point where it didn’t even feel the unit in the ear after a while, which is always a sign of good design.

The two headphones are connected by a flat rubber cable, with no additional control box. Everything you need is right there in the right headset. There’s a USB charging port on the top, volume control on the back and the action button on the outside. It’s all very easy to reach and can be used while running as well.

LeEco Le 2 hands-on review

LeEco has ambitious plans for India and aims to be among India’s top three smartphone manufacturers by the end of this fiscal year. The company recently unveiled its new mid-range competitor – the Le 2, a complete overhaul of its highly successful Le 1S range.

LeEco recently released a slight update to the original Le 1s in the form of the Le 1S Eco, which did very well in our official review. The company managed to sell 500,000 units of the Le 1s range in less than 100 days, making it nothing short of an absolute success.

Lenovo Vibe X3 review: The complete Android phablet review

In-depth scores

Project 4/5

Features 4.5/5

Performance 4.5/5

Usability 4/5

Value 4/5

Lenovo has been making headlines for some time now. The Chinese technology company, together with Samsung, was responsible for more than half of the 4G smartphone volumes in the world. fourth quarter 2015. Fast forward to 2016 and the company has already released the budget Note Vibe K4, which is giving a tough fight to other popular smartphones in the sub Rs 15,000 segment and then there is the A7000 Turbowhich is being sold for Rs 10,990.

However, the company does not want to limit itself only to the budget category and is gradually delivering performance-oriented smartphones in the mid-range segment as well. The company’s Vibe series is made up of a range of handsets that cater to the audience that wants a premium smartphone experience but at an affordable price. Some of Lenovo’s popular phones in this segment include vibe shot, Vibe S1, P1 vibe, etc.

Lenovo Vibe K4 Note review: Affordable but loaded with feature review

In-depth scores

Project 4/5

Features 4.5/5

4/5 performance

Usability 4/5

Value 4/5

Lenovo has been very aggressive in expanding its smartphone portfolio in the Indian market since its acquisition of Motorola. It has launched a series of budget and mid-range handsets over the last year that have proven to be a hit with Indian consumers. The Lenovo K3 Note, unveiled last year, was a stupendous hit with budget users. The device attracts users with its combination of powerful hardware at an entry-level price. With the Vibe K4 Note, Lenovo wants to up the ante.


From the name, you would assume that the K4 Note is the successor to the K3 Note. However, on closer inspection, this is not quite true. The Vibe Moniker denotes that this is not really a budget smartphone to begin with. The price is also a little higher than the K3 Note.

Compared to the square and uninspiring design of the K3 Note, the Vibe K4 Note looks attractive. Motorola’s influence is evident in its design. While the K4 Note is a little thicker than the K3 Note, the curved design looks better. It’s also a little heavier than the K3 Note, but it also houses a larger battery. There are several design changes, including dual speakers on the front, a fingerprint sensor on the back, and a backlit capacitive button below the screen. The build quality, while not great, is very good for its price and segment.

Mudita Harmony E-Ink alarm clock review

two minute review

Your smartphone is an anti-sleep device. Its piercing sounds, its bright white light, and the fact that you use it to check your emails at inappropriate times make it an excellent candidate for removal from your room.

Cue Mudita Harmony, an alarm clock with e-paper display. Following in the footsteps of the Polish company Pure Mudita (opens in new tab) An e-paper smartphone, the Mudita Harmony has a 2.8-inch E Ink Carta HD screen, a resolution of 480×600 pixels and a 2,600 mAh battery that recharges via USB-C.

Google Finally Makes Switching to Android Easier for iPhone Users

Google quietly released its “Switch to Android” app for iOS earlier this year to help users switch from an iPhone to an Android device. At launch, this app was only compatible with Pixel devices, but today Google has announced (opens in new tab)that the Switch to Android app will now support all Android 12 smartphones.

While the iOS app has made the transition from iPhone to Android easier, it’s not a fully automated process. It provides an easier way to escape Apple’s walled garden if you choose to do so.

(Image credit: Apple)

The app starts the transfer by scanning a QR code on the Android 12 setup screen in the initial setup process. The app will ask you to connect your old iPhone to your new Android phone using a Lightning to USB C cable or wirelessly.

Apple’s Google Maps Rival Wants You To Trade In Your Car For An E-Bike One Day

Apple Maps — the iPhone maker’s version of Google Maps — wants to get you out of your car and onto an electric bike — or e-bike — for at least one day.

While examining application code Steve Moser (opens in new tab) I discovered that several lines refer to an “E-Bike” and finding optimized routes for this type of vehicle.

Apple’s Next iPad Pro Could Be a Tempting MacBook Pro Alternative

The new iPad Pro (2022) was always going to be an expensive tablet – the ‘Pro’ tells us so – and rumors of an M2 chipset and MagSafe compatibility don’t seem to help at that price point.

However, the leaks now suggest that we need not fear a price increase: LeaksApplePro leaker, writing to iDropNews (opens in new tab)provided some pricing we can expect for the next iPad Pro lineup and it’s lower than we expected.